What’s happening with Christian Formation?

Hi Everyone!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend!!!

As we are getting ready to wrap up our regular church year, I just wanted to touch base with some of our upcoming June events that are happening.

On Saturday, June 9th at 7:30pm, 3 of our choir members (Rebecca, Stu and Ken) will be performing a lovely evening of songs from Broadway.  All the proceeds from the events will go back to the church. Tickets are still available, please see Rebecca after the service.

On Sunday, June 10th, will be the last day of Sunday School and regular service times.

On Sunday, June 17th, Father’s Day, we will switch to our summer schedule, there will be one service at 9:30am until September 9th.

Please mark your calendars for Sunday, September 9th, that will be our first day back, as well as Father Kevin’s welcome back BBQ at the rectory, which will include pony rides for the kids!!!

On a side note, as some of you know, Ms. Sarah and I have been participating in the Diocesan Church Development Institute (or DCDI), a program designed to cultivate leaders in the church.  Through this program we are to complete a project that could benefit our parish. We have decided to work on our online Realm system.  The first phase of our project is a quick survey.  For those of you who have already completed this survey we thank you!!  If you have not and would please fill out the attached survey and either email it back to us or give it to us at church by July 1, 2018, it would be greatly appreciated.  There will also be copies available in the back of the church and the parish hall.

If I do not see you, I hope you all have a  great summer!!

Lisa Chiara