What’s happening with Christian Formation?

Hello Everyone,

We are very excited to welcome everyone back in person this year!!

We will kick off our program on Sunday, September 12th at 10:15am.  (Please arrive a little early to fill out the application).  If you were enrolled in our online program last year, we ask that you please bring in the children’s bible that was loaned out to you.

We are making every effort to keep your child/children safe during this time. This year, as per diocesan guidelines, all children, teachers and parents are required to wear masks. Upon arrival to Sunday School, everyone will be required to sanitize their hands.  PLEASE do not send your child if they are sick.  As a reminder, there is a key pad lock on the doors to the Sunday School, please do not give the code to the children.  The doors are open until we go into our chapel service each Sunday.

Each Sunday Morning at 10:15am we will start off with an interactive service in our Children’s Chapel.   Our service will start with a procession to the chapel, weekly readings and discussion, Lord’s Prayer, collection and our own prayers of the people, where each week we will pray for people that are special to the kids.  At the conclusion of the chapel service, each class will move to their classrooms for hands on leaning that is specifically designed for their age group.

We have a lot of exciting things already scheduled for this upcoming year.  We will continue our donations to Mary Brennan Inn (the first collection will be Sunday, October 3rd), a birthday party for Jesus and our annual nativity pageant – and that is all before the New Year!  We will also continue our adventures with Blueberry, so please continue to send in the children’s photos with him so that we can put them on his Instagram Wall.  Due to the guidelines currently in place, we hope to be able to start the children’s prayer breakfast in January.  We are planning on having 2 communion instruction classes this year.  As you know communion will just be given in one kind (just the bread).

Stay posted for announcements in next month’s newsletter and emails from Father Kevin or me, as always we will continuously re-evaluate because as we know things are always changing.

September kicks off and is a very busy month for the parish.  On Sunday, September 12th, Father Kevin will host his welcome back BBQ at the rectory, stay tuned for more information!!  This year is a Friendship Fair year.  As some of you know, the Friendship Fair is the biggest fundraiser for the church; the parish needs everyone’s hands big or small to help for this event in October.  It is a great way to get to know some parishioners, have some laughs and help the church.  There will be many announcements and a job fair where you can sign up to help at a table, the kitchen or outdoor shop, even if it’s a few hours or the whole day.  The fair committee already has a work night on Tuesdays at 7:00pm that is open to everyone to come and help start the planning, moving of items and decorating.

For any and all questions, please feel free to contact me or Father Kevin, until then we thank you for your ongoing support of this program and we look forward to planting the seeds that will keep our youngest parishioners rooted in their faith.


Lisa Chiara

Director of Christian Formation