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Ascension Live


 Recommended YouTube Channels:

The Church of the Ascension– This is our own Youtube channel where you may view past worship services and other offerings from The Church of the Ascension, Rockville Centre. Please click “subscribe” to get regular updates.

The Bible Project- These videos are a wonderful resource for anyone that wants to learn more about the bible. There are introductory videos for every book of scripture, as well as videos that discuss important themes in the bible. This is an excellent resource for all ages.

C. S. Lewis Doodle– Hear excerpts from some of C. S. Lewis’s most famous and profound writings on Christian Faith and Christian spirituality.

Christian History Podcast

The History of Christianity with Father Bertie Pearson – This is an excellent podcast on early Christian history.

Father Kevin’s Sermons are posted here:


Recommended Daily Office (Morning and Evening Prayer) Podcasts

Audio Daily Office

Daily Prayer (1662 Book of Common Prayer)


Morning and Evening Prayer Websites


Weekly Lectionary readings: