Saint Mark’s Gospel

Saint Mark’s Gospel

with Tom Bair

Performance: Saturday, March 4th 7:00pm


tombairTom Bair will present an exciting storytelling performance of the entirety of The Gospel of St. Mark. This compelling and remarkable story is said to have been written down by St. Mark, but is attributed to St. Peter. It tells of Jesus’s conflict with the religious and secular authorities of the time, his important teachings, his somewhat stormy, often humorous relationships with his disciples, his miraculous acts and above all, his unique sense of mission. This is “a riveting journey” to quote a recent article in the Episcopal Journal. Bair’s voice is …”crystal-clear and his articulation holds one’s interest throughout .” It is performed in the simple, elegant English prose of the King James Bible.

Tickets $10


Seminar: Sunday, March 5th 3:00pmstmark2

In this seminar we will explore together the genius of this Gospel and its overall impact by looking at
the narrative technique and literary forms. that shape its stunning effect, especially when heard and/or read in its entirety.

Known for it’s immediacy and directness, St. Mark’s Gospel had, until about 30 years ago, been regarded in biblical scholastic circles as something of a poor cousin’ to Luke and Matthew. Now it is being appreciated anew for its simplicity, uniqueness and power as a storytelling event.

Free to the public