From the beginning of the Book of Genesis, sacrifice has been an act of worship. We offer back to God from the abundance he has given us, and in that act of offering our lives are continually transformed. Giving at The Church of The Ascension, is not merely about paying the bills; it is about making a commitment to Christ and his Church. Each year our church conducts a stewardship drive in which parishioners are reminded that our pledges are a sign of our commitment to God and his kingdom, and not just something needed to balance the budget. Our pledges should be based on what we believe that God is calling us to give, and not what we think the church needs.


In addition to our annual stewardship campaign, parishioners may also make contributions through occasional fundraisers for specific causes, memorial donations to the Book of Remembrance, and through supporting the Shop at Ascension and our biennial Friendship Fair.


Parishioners of all ages are regularly reminded of the importance of having a Will and of remembering The Church of The Ascension in their final bequests. Our church simply would not be what it is today without the legacies left to us by faithful Christians past.